Aims and Scope

Aim and Scope

Journal of Scientific Research in Education (JSRE) is a high-quality open access peer-reviewed research journal that is published by the Faculty of Women for Arts, Science and Education, Ain Shams University. Researchers are invited to submit manuscripts in the fields of (Educational Psychology, Curriculum and Methods of Teaching, Educational Technology and Child Education), based on scientific originality and high quality.


  1. To provide researchers with an opportunity to spread their scientific production in various educational fields
  2. To become a scientific reference for researchers in various fields of education
  3. To participate in building a knowledge society by publishing valuable educational research that helps in developing the community
  4. To meet the needs of researchers at the local, regional and international levels in the fields of education
  5. To disseminate original and innovative research to serve researchers and the global community
  6. To support educational thought, studying contemporary educational problems, and proposing solutions to them